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Brad Owen makes one of poker’s most popular vlogs (video blogs) with a YouTube channel that documents his time playing $2-$5 no-limit hold’em cash games in Las Vegas. He has more than 95,000 subscribers to his channel, making his vlog one …

Questions about being a poker dealer as a career. : poker - Reddit To the poker dealers of r/poker 1) can you support yourself on it? ... Auditioning is simply dealing a live game for 15-20 minutes. (you'll also get ... 5 Tips for Dealing with a Poker Downswing | Beginner Poker Strategy Jan 19, 2011 ... Here are 5 very easy tips to help turn around a tough poker run. ... What separates great players from good players is their ability to deal with a downswing. We've all ... Live Reads Explained: Pagano Gets Emotional on Draxl.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the Big Kahuna of gambling tournaments and they need so many dealers they offer classes to train you as a dealer.

Wow - I just googled "poker dealer pay" and there is some really outdated and flat out wrong information out there. There is lots of stuff mixed in there about table game dealing, which is completely separate from poker dealing. Special event dealers are a different animal as well and they are paid a flat, lower hourly rate. Playing Online Blackjack For A Living Check Out 1000+ Results from Across the WebAug 02, 2013 So anyway, you have noted the obvious difference in playing blackjack and poker for a living.Blackjack living tables are mathematically tried and tested formulas that living the best decisions to make for blackjack possible combinations of your own cards for those blackjack the dealer.

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15 Feb 2014 ... Playing poker for a living is a roller coaster in every metaphorical way. .... Other times I would go a week without wanting to even get dealt one ... Tips to make more money - Poker Dealer Jobs | One of the most basic rules of dealing poker is also one of the most forgotten rules: ... a freat place to deal if you can break in, but it is very expensive to live there. 10 Life Lessons I Learned From Playing Poker | 10 Oct 2018 ... I watched all the TV shows and it seemed every poker pro was living a ... It's easy to get pissed off in poker if you're dealt bad hands, another ... The Most Thankless Job in Poker - Dealing - Nolan Dalla

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Easily Learn How to Deal Poker for A Living > PokerDIY “Poker dealers are often times paid in tips or tokes from every hand dealt, and most well trained poker dealers average 35+ hands per hour. If you are tipped a dollar or two for every hand you deal, and sometimes even more, you can see how much money poker dealers can make dealing poker. What It Takes To Play Poker For A Living - Business… But a small percentage of players actually use poker to earn a living. A Quora thread asks the question, "What's it like to earn a living throughBut with this inherently different lifestyle also comes downsides. Things like trouble managing finances, being unable to relate to friends, dealing with... 4 Ways to Deal Poker - wikiHow

May 1, 2017 ... In some places, online poker is banned, while live poker in casinos is allowed. For example ... You'll be dealt winning hands, and losing hands.

In summary, video poker is a brutal way to try and make a paltry living. If you were one of those retirees who sits around blowing their fixed income in machines to kill time then I'd absolutely suggest playing these machines instead, but for a normal person looking to earn a living, it's a waste of time.