Blackjack sweets suitable for vegetarians

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What sweets and other snacks are suitable for vegetarians ...

A rich pear flavour. A real favourite. A traditional old fashioned sweet. Please select an amount from the menu. 150gms - This is the closest size to ¼ lb. 250gms - This is the closest size to ½ lb. Retro Sweets, Old Fashioned Sweets, Real Butter Fudge Retro Sweets, Sweet Hampers, Chocolates and Real Butter Fudge. The Pink Sugar Mouse Liquorice - Retro Sweets, Sweet Hampers, Chocolates and Real Butter Fudge. The Pink Sugar Mouse Candy - Wikipedia

Seriously addictive! Millions Strawberry tubes are packed with chewy little sweets with a crunchy shell. Millions sweets are approved by the Vegetarian Society and are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Made with real fruit juice, and no artificial colours. Ingredients:

Suitable For Vegetarians-stamp. Grunge green vegetarian with star icon round rubber seal stamp on white background. Grunge Green Vegetarian Word Rubber Seal Stamp White Background. Two leaves in a circle emblem. 12 Products That Many Believe are Suitable for … Consuming food without any animal or fish-based ingredients is becoming a difficult task for vegans due to the wide range of additives and components used in modern products.Many soups and sauces that may be seemingly vegetarian, are often made with chicken stock, beef stock, or fish stock. Not suitable for vegetarians: Walkers' new potato... | The…

Sweets Suitable for Vegetarians from Scrumptious sweet treats made from natural ingredients.

The following sweets are suitable for vegetarians including Toffee Bon Bons! Based upon manufacturers guidelines. If there is a specific sweet you would like and is not listed, please email us and we will check ingredients for you. Vegetarian Sweets - Retro Sweets from Chewbz Ltd. American Hard Gums... Get your jaws ready for a work out Which Haribo sweets are suitable for vegans or vegetarians ... Which Haribo sweets are suitable for vegans or vegetarians? ... Find out exactly what sweets you can enjoy if you follow a halal, vegetarian or vegan diet. ... What about vegetarians? Black Jack Sweets | eBay

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Fruit Salad (confectionery) - Wikipedia Fruit Salad is manufactured by Barratt in Spain. While still manufactured under Tangerine Confectionery, Fruit Salad chews have been rebranded from Barratt to 'Candy Land' and the packaging, most notably the outer box, has been redesigned. (2013) From 2019 the fruit salad sweet no longer contains gelatine and is suitable for vegetarians. Barratt Blackjack Chews - Aniseed flavour chews about 13 in each pack Ingredients glucose syrup sugar hydrogenated vegetable fat colours E153 E151 E129 citric acid beef

Barratt sweets are loved by both kids and adults and offer a large range of products which includes sherbet fountain, blackjack, refreshers, fruit salad, lion hard gums and dip dab. Monmore Confectionery are expanding their product range all the time and their pick n mix sweets will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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